How to Find a Thesis

By using simple techniques, you can discover your thesis or ask to Do My Homework For Me: searching for what you enjoy, locating the main idea, and finding what you want to tell your audience.

Essays can have great attestments, phrases, words, but without a strong thesis, they can amount to nothing. The main problem students have with thesis’ is how to create one that will be apparent to the reader and will tie the paper together. Many times one is close to having what one wants to say, but it does not get to the exact point. There are three easy ways to find the thesis one is looking for: searching for what one enjoys most in the topic, locating in research what the main idea is and discovering what one wants to tell the audience the most.


Essays do not have to be a drudgery — they can be reservoirs of intriguing information. The paper depends on the thesis, therefore one’s interest in the essay will rely on the thesis.

Look though one’s research and understanding of the topic, and try to find what aspect of it that is most pleasing. When one has found at least one feature of the subject that one believes they can enjoy, ask yourself: can I write about this for the entire essay without losing interest? If the essay is long, this is an especially important question.

Main Idea

Ask oneself: “In my investigation of the subject, what is the main idea throughout, what is it that keeps grabbing my attention again and again? There may be several main ideas, but which one appears most consistently? If I could speak one sentence about my paper or my subject, what would it be?”

Talking to friends and colleagues about an essay can help to a great degree. Simply by speaking about the subject, ideas become more clear in one’s mind. Like creative expression, it is not until one has articulated the subject to another that it comes into full view.


Ask oneself: “What is it that I really want to tell my audience about my topic? What part of my essay or research do I find prompts me to reach out to people and explain? If I could choose one thing to declare about my subject, what would it be?” When one has written an essay, the greatest joy to many is to share it with others. Examine the paper or evidence, and track down what one wants to share most with others.

When one has found what one desires to share with others about the subject, ask oneself: “Will my audience think this topic is appropriate, interesting and relevant?” What one wants to tell others is not always the most important or pertinent to them. One should try to find a balance of what the audience wants and what the audience needs.

Finding a thesis can be the most difficult part of an essay. But with help of some searching techniques, it can manifest much more easily. Noticing what one enjoys about the subject, locating the main idea in one’s understanding of the topic, and finding what one wants to tell the audience can greatly improve one’s chances to create a solid thesis.



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